what is my etias application is denied

What If My ETIAS Application Is Denied?

When you apply for an ETIAS France travel authorization, it is vital that all instructions are followed carefully throughout the application process in order to receive an approved ETIAS.

There are different reasons as to why your ETIAS France could be denied, and it could be as simple as a mistake on the form or incorrect information. In the case that your ETIAS application is denied, read the following information to understand more about what can be done to resolve the problem and receive an ETIAS France approval.

False or Misleading Information

One of the prime reasons for experiencing any hiccups or rejections with your ETIAS France application is if there are any typos, mistakes or misleading information which is perceived as false or incorrect.

Double-checking all information before submitting the ETIAS application form is a good way of ensuring that your application doesn’t get rejected or have any complications. It is easy to make a mistake, especially electronically, so be sure to reread through your application at least once after completion.

In the case that false information is provided on your application form, entry to the Schengen Area with an ETIAS visa waiver may be denied.

Application Refusal

Applicants will be notified in the case that there is a problem with the ETIAS application. For application refusals, extra information will be requested and the applicant with have to provide additional documentation within a timeframe of 96 hours. After submitting the additional documentation, the respective Schengen member country will revise the documentation and make a decision within a period of 4 weeks.

Should the application be rejected ultimately, the applicant has the right to appeal.

The above process for reassessment, scanning, and processing of the ETIAS application requires at least 4-5 weeks. It is therefore advised that applicants apply for an ETIAS France with plenty of time ahead of the planned trip in case there are complications with the ETIAS application.

ETIAS Security Check

Information and applications submitted through the ETIAS system will be cross-checked using European security databases, such as EUROPOL DATA, VIS, SIS, and Interpol. The system is composed of both computer and manual screening and the applicant will be notified by email once the application has been revised.

ETIAS will not be used solely for tourism purposes but for any form of travel in Europe. Tourism and business travel, as well as travelers in transit, staying for a short stay or passing through Europe, will have to apply for an ETIAS. Travelers who do not have an ETIAS are likely to be refused entry to Europe and could face legal consequences should they intend to travel to Europe without one. The ETIAS travel authorization is set to become a compulsory travel requirement for Europe as of 2022.