ETIAS and dual citizenship

Do I Have to Apply for ETIAS if I Have Dual Citizenship?

With the ETIAS visa waiver set to be introduced in late 2022 for travelers to France, many people want to know what the situation will be for travelers who have dual citizenship. Individuals who are citizens of more than one sovereign state frequently have questions about travel requirements. Having more than one nationality has many […]

france and united kingdom flag

Will British Citizens Be Required to Have the ETIAS Authorization?

The Brexit vote has brought plenty of uncertainty about the future to British citizens, especially regarding the future of travel to the European Union from the UK. Further doubt was cast when the European Commission announced it would be implementing the new ETIAS authorization system for travel to France and the rest of the Schengen […]

what is my etias application is denied

What If My ETIAS Application Is Denied?

When you apply for an ETIAS France travel authorization, it is vital that all instructions are followed carefully throughout the application process in order to receive an approved ETIAS. There are different reasons as to why your ETIAS France could be denied, and it could be as simple as a mistake on the form or […]

etias benefits to EU

What are the ETIAS benefits to the European Union?

In recent years, a number of countries around the world have adopted electronic visa waiver systems to screen foreign travelers before entering their borders. The United States has adopted the ESTA visa waiver system, while Australia has introduced the ETA (Electronic Travel Authority). In 2016, the European Commission approved a proposal for a new European […]

how does etias check my information

How Does ETIAS Check My Information?

Travelers can visit Europe with an ETIAS visa waiver that can be applied for online. It is available to those who wish to visit a Schengen member country and requires applicants to complete and submit an application form online prior to traveling to Europe. Those traveling to Europe for business, transit or tourism purposes as […]