Requirements for Uruguayans

Uruguay has a visa waiver agreement with France and the rest of the European Union.

Thanks to this scheme, Uruguayans traveling to France do not need to apply for a visa before their trip. Presenting a valid Uruguayan passport upon arrival suffices for short trips of up to 90 days’ duration.

However, Uruguay, and the 60 other countries under the visa waiver agreement will have a new travel requirement as of end of 2022: The ETIAS visa waiver.

europe union for etias
ETIAS stands for European Travel Authorization and Information System and has been under development since it was approved by the European Commission in 2016.

The main driving force behind ETIAS is to increase security in the Schengen countries, including France, as well as continue the fight against terrorism in the EU.

These ETIAS France objectives will be achieved by prescreening travelers from visa-exempt countries prior to their departure towards Europe.

Traveler data will be cross-checked with multiple security databases including SIS, VIS, Europol, Interpol, and the ETIAS Watchlist.

ETIAS France Personal Information

In order to apply for an ETIAS France for Uruguayans, applicants will have to fill out a simple and straightforward online application form with the following details:

personal information requirements
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Passport number
  • Passport country
  • Passport issuance date
  • Passport expiration date
  • Intended date of arrival in the Schengen Area
  • First country of intended entry into Schengen (Italy or another Schengen member state)
Although the ETIAS France asks applicants to select a single country they intend to first enter into Schengen through, the travel authorization is valid for all 26 Schengen member states.

Documents That I Need for France ETIAS

ETIAS France requirements for Uruguayans are very simple. Applicants need to make sure they have the following at hand before filling out the ETIAS visa waiver form:

  • A current passport that remains unexpired for at least 3 months past the intended travel dates
  • An email address that the Uruguayan citizen has access to, where they will receive notifications regarding their request, as well as the ETIAS France, once the application has been processed
  • A credit or debit card in order to pay for the necessary ETIAS France fees

Uruguayan travelers with more than one valid passport due to dual citizenship applying for ETIAS France will find our article on the subject particularly useful.

documents required for the france etias

Once issued, the ETIAS France for Uruguayans will remain electronically linked to the exact passport used during the application process. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to travel with the exact passport used to apply for ETIAS France from Uruguay.

Should the passport expire before the ETIAS France does, the citizen will have to apply for a new travel authorization using the number of their new passport. Fortunately, the application process should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

Medical Info for Uruguayans

medical information
Uruguayans applying for an ETIAS France will be required to answer some simple questions regarding their medical history as well as travel and criminal records.

These questions must be answered honestly by all applicants requesting an ETIAS France from Uruguay.

The system will automatically screen the applicants’ data to determine whether they pose a risk for the security, health and wellbeing of the European Union and its inhabitants.

Furthermore, Uruguayan citizens traveling to Europe on an ETIAS France are advised to verify that their health insurance covers their stay and any needs that may arise during their trip.

ETIAS Application for France for Uruguayans

Uruguayans looking to apply for an ETIAS to visit France will be able to complete the application form in under 10 minutes.

Furthermore, it is estimated that the vast majority of ETIAS France applications will be approved within the first 24 hours.

Should the applicant’s data raise any red flags during the ETIAS automated revision phase, a manual revision will be performed. This may prolong the application processing to about 3 business days.

Therefore, it is best practice to apply for an ETIAS France from Uruguay at least 3 business days before the intended date of departure.

The ETIAS France will be a mandatory entry requirement for Uruguayans visiting the Schengen Area for any of the following travel purposes:

  • Tourism
  • Leisure
  • Business
  • Transit

Once approved, the ETIAS will grant the holder an unlimited number of entries into the Schengen Area (including France) during its 2-year validity.

Furthermore, ETIAS allows holders to spend up to 90 days per 180-day period within the Schengen borders. After this stay runs out, travelers are asked to return to their country of residence or depart towards a non-Schengen destination.

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