Requirements for Ukrainians

Following a rise in terrorist activity in Europe, travel authorities from the Schengen Zone have decided to implement a new process for pre-approved travel to Europe in the form of a visa-waiver system. The ETIAS, or European Travel Information Authority System, for France, will grant Ukranian passport holders a stay of up to 90 days within a period of 180 days inside of France and other Schengen Zone member states providing they submit a successful application to European authorities.

Whether Ukranian travelers are planning to visit France for travel and leisure or for business, the ETIAS for France will cover their needs and eliminate the necessity for visiting an embassy or consulate. The application process is straightforward and easy and will be completed entirely online. Along with ensuring that each traveler holds a valid passport, the application will obligate each traveler to provide certain personal details. Further information can be found below.

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ETIAS France Personal Information for Ukranian Citizens

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The France ETIAS requirements for citizens from Ukraine requires little more than entering personal data into the electronic application form. The entire process was designed to be completed in just a few minutes and should be straightforward and easy to understand. Each applicant should be prepared to provide the following details and pieces of personal information:

  • First and last name as it appears on your travel documents
  • Passport number, which you can find on the data page
  • The expiration date for your passport
  • Up to date contact details
  • Place of birth
In addition to these items listed above, the form will also have sections asking you more in-depth questions regarding details about your medical history and your security history. It is integral that all information is entered correctly as it will be cross-referenced with the information that European authorities already have on file.

Documents That I need for France ETIAS

There are not many documents that are required of Ukrainian citizens applying for the ETIAS France. Each individual traveler must have a valid Ukranian passport. The passport must have at least three months of validity remaining from the date that the application is submitted. If your passport expires before this time, then you must apply for and receive a new one before continuing with your application.

Medical Info for Ukrainians

medical information

There are no vaccines required for Ukrainian citizens looking to travel to France or anywhere else in the Schengen Zone. However, it is advisable to always check the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website to make sure that you have the most up to date information.

In most cases, your domestic medical insurance will not cover the costs that arise from treatment received while in France. With this in mind, it is strongly recommended that you purchase medical insurance for the duration of your trip. Should you not be able to pay for your medical care up front, you may be denied the care. Another option to keep in mind is a “Feuille de Soins” or treatment form, which allows you to ask for later reimbursement.

In the event you require medical care, you can dial either 15 or 122 to speak with an operator.

The ETIAS for France Online Application

To receive the ETIAS for France, successful applicants will submit the online application along with a non-refundable application fee. The fee must be paid with a debit or credit card. The application should take only a few minutes to fill out and the turnaround time is often under 72 hours, in some cases it is only a matter of minutes. Once you have received your ETIAS for France, which will be sent via email, you must print out a hard copy and carry it with your passport to show to border officials upon arrival in France.

While it is true that the application process was designed to be quick and easy, it is important to double-check your responses to each section to ensure that they are truthful and accurate. Any discrepancies or incorrect information could be grounds for a denied or delayed visa-waiver.

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