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In late 2022, Singaporean passport holders will have a new system for applying for and receiving permission to visit France and the rest of the Schengen Zone. The France ETIAS, or European Travel Information and Authority System, is a visa-waiver program that was designed to streamline the application process while providing an added buffer of security to member countries. The ETIAS for France permits Singaporean citizens a stay of up to 90 days within a 180-day period inside France and the Schengen Zone.

Along with most other countries around the world, travelers or persons conducting business in the Schengen Zone will be required to apply for the visa-waiver, providing a number of details in the process. However, because the ETIAS for France acts as a visa-waiver, there is no need to visit any physical embassy or consulate during the application process, but there are a number of requirements.

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ETIAS France Personal Information

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The ETIAS application for France should only take a few minutes for Singaporean travelers to fill out. During the application, travelers will be asked to provide certain details about their history of health, their history of security, and of course standard points of data. Questions about applicants’ names, passport information, and current residency can be expected, as well as the aforementioned more detailed questions about their medical and security history, which will all then be cross-checked against the data that the European authorities already have to ensure that there are no potential security risks.

Applicants should have all of this information (name, passport number, passport date of expiry, contact details, and place of birth) on hand before they begin their application to ensure a smooth process.

Documents That I Need for France ETIAS

There are not many documents that Singaporean citizens need to present to European authorities during the application process for an ETIAS to France. The main thing is that they must hold a Singaporean passport with sufficient validity for the duration of their trip. This means that their passport has a minimum of three months of validity from the date they submit their application.
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Medical Info for Singaporean

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There are currently no active health warnings or vaccines required for Singaporean citizens visiting France. With that said, it is always recommendable to check the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website prior to travel to ensure that there have been no recent updates.

In most cases, your domestic medical care will not cover the costs of any medical attention you receive while in France. For this reason, it is recommended that you purchase insurance for the duration of your stay in France and the Schengen Zone. In some cases, you will be denied care should you not be able to pay up front. A “Feuille de Soins” or treatment form is also available for you to inquire about reimbursement.

If you take prescription medication, you should plan to travel with the pills in the original plastic containers with the prescriptions attached to the bottle to avoid any potential issues.
Should you require medical attention while you are in France, you can contact an operator by dialing either 15 or 122.

ETIAS Application for France for Singaporean citizens

The ETIAS application for France consists of an online application form and a non-refundable application fee that must be paid with a debit or credit card. Applicants will also need to provide a valid email address as any correspondence, including the issuing of the ETIAS visa-waiver, will be done via email.

Before submitting the application, be sure to double-check each section for accuracy as any incorrect information, including an errant keyboard strike, could be grounds for a delayed or denied application.

Once you have been approved for the ETIAS, you will receive an email with the approved visa-waiver. You must then print out a hard copy of this email and carry it with your passport to show to border authorities at the French port of entry you are entering.

For all the latest information regarding the France ETIAS please consult this page. If you have further questions, check out our F.A.Q. page here.

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