Requirements for Mexicans

Mexican citizens can currently visit France and the other Schengen Area countries visa-free for up to 90 days for business, transit, or tourism purposes. However, from the end of 2022, Mexican citizens will be required to apply for the online ETIAS visa waiver for travel to France for the same period, permitting they meet the ETIAS travel authorization for France requirements for Mexicans.

The ETIAS France is being implemented in order to expedite the application process as well as to improve security within European borders. Mexican passport holders staying up to 90 days in any Schengen member state will be required to pre-register travel to France through the ETIAS online application form as of 2022. Travelers will have to comply with some ETIAS requirements for Mexicans in order to apply.

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ETIAS France personal information

personal information for etias

The ETIAS France requirements for Mexican citizens involve completing the online ETIAS application with personal information such as full name, address, contact number, Schengen country of first entry and all the data from the passport information page such as issue number and expiry date. It‘s important to double-check all the data provided, in order to avoid delays or denial of the ETIAS application for France

Applicants will also be required to answer some health and security questions, with all the data provided then pre-screened for security threats against the various eu-LISA information management databases.

Applicants will be required to enter:

  • Name.
  • Contact details.
  • Passport information issue number.
  • Passport date of expiry.
  • Place of birth.

Documents that I need for France ETIAS

The ETIAS France requirements for documents for Mexicans involve having a current Mexican passport valid for at least 3 months upon entry to France and the Schengen Area. Mexican citizens may also be asked to provide the following documents at border control:

  • · Proof of reservation in a hotel or other accommodation.
  • · A return plane ticket for Mexico or the traveler’s country of residence.
  • · Proof of sufficient financial means to last the stay in France, at least 65 euros per day. Evidence would include a credit card or travellers cheques.
  • · Insurance covering medical emergencies and evacuation.

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Medical information for Mexicans

medical information

The cost of healthcare is relatively high in France and, with the exception of emergency services, Mexicans may be required to pay for medical services before receiving treatment. An inability to pay could result in the refusal of medical care in France, so obtaining insurance coverage for hospital stays and medical evacuation is essential.

French emergency services can be reached by dialing 15 or 122 to connect to an operator.

ETIAS Application for France

In order to complete and send the ETIAS for France application form, eligible Mexican citizens will also need to have a valid debit or credit card in order to pay the authorization fee for France. Upon approval, the France ETIAS system will be sent to the applicant’s inbox. It’s also necessary to provide a current email address and carefully check it is correct before submitting the application.
Most France ETIAS for Mexicans applications will be approved within minutes, although in some cases additional information or documentation may be required for the travel authorization to be approved. Upon receiving the France travel authorization for Mexicans in the inbox, applicants can then print a copy of the France ETIAS to present at French border control alongside their passport.

What is the ETIAS for France valid for?

The ETIAS France for Mexican citizens does not allow for study or work in France. Mexican citizens will need to check France authorization requirements for these other purposes and/or longer stays.

Once approved and issued, the France ETIAS for Mexicans will allow for multiple-entry stays of 90 days each within the Schengen Area, with a total validity of 3 years, or until the corresponding passport expires. The ETIAS France allows for either tourism, transit, or business purposes such as meetings, conferences or trade fairs.

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