Requirements for Colombians

Beginning in 2022, Colombian passport holders will be required to apply for and receive an ETIAS for France before they travel. The European Travel Information Authority System was approved for implementation by European authorities following a rash of terrorist activity in Europe and was designed to add an extra layer of security to the continent, all the while ensuring an easy and straightforward application process designed and optimized for simplicity and speed.

Whether the reasons for traveling are for business or for personal reasons, the ETIAS will grant Colombian citizens up to 90 days of stay in France and the other member states of the Schengen Zone within a period of 180 days. The ETIAS acts as a visa-waiver, not a traditional visa, which means there is no need to visit a consulate or embassy before traveling. All that is required is to provide certain personal details and information during the online application process.

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ETIAS France Personal Information

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The ETIAS for France for citizens from Colombia is comprised of an online application form, which will request a variety of pieces of personal information that is then cross-referenced for any inconsistencies with the information that the European authorities already have on hand.

Many of the sections will ask for simple details such as your first and last name, your passport number, the expiration date of your passport, contact details and your place of birth. However, there will also be sections that are more in-depth, asking you to provide detailed information about your security history as well as your medical history. It is important to double-check each section for accuracy as any inconsistencies, even if entered accidentally, can result in the delay or rejection of your ETIAS application.

Documents That I Need for France ETIAS

Colombian citizens applying for the ETIAS for France do no need to worry about collecting a large number of documents prior to beginning their application. The only document that is required is their valid Colombian passport. The passport must have a minimum of three months of validity remaining in order to be accepted. Therefore, if you see that your passport is set to expire soon, it will be necessary to apply for and receive a new passport before submitting your application for an ETIAS.


Medical Info for Colombians

medical information
There are currently no vaccines required to visit France for citizens traveling from Colombia. However, it is always best to check the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website prior to your trip to double-check that there have been no updates regarding potential health risks.

It is also a good idea to get health insurance for the duration of your trip which has coverage for France and any other countries in the Schengen Zone that you might be visiting. It is possible that in the event that you require medical attention during your stay and you cannot pay for the treatment in cash, then you may be denied care. There is also something called a “Feuille de Soins” that you can fill out for later reimbursement from insurance.

Should you carry prescription medication, do so in the original plastic containers with the prescription on the bottle to avoid problems. In the event where you require medical attention, the numbers to dial are 15 and 122.

ETIAS Application for France for Colombians

In addition to the requirements stated above regarding the ETIAS application form for France, there are a few other details that applicants will need to provide. Each application is accompanied by a non-refundable fee, which must be paid either via debit or credit card. Also, each applicant must have a valid email address as the visa will be sent via email. Should your application be denied or should authorities require any additional information regarding your application, they will communicate with you via email.
Once you have been approved for the ETIAS, you must print out a hard copy and carry it with you to your port of entry with your passport. The typical turnaround time is around 72 hours, though it is often much shorter than that.
For all the latest information regarding the France ETIAS please consult this page. If you have further questions, check out our F.A.Q. page here.
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