how does etias check my information

How Does ETIAS Check My Information?

Travelers can visit Europe with an ETIAS visa waiver that can be applied for online. It is available to those who wish to visit a Schengen member country and requires applicants to complete and submit an application form online prior to traveling to Europe.

Those traveling to Europe for business, transit or tourism purposes as of 2022 will be expected to have applied for an received an approved ETIAS travel authorization prior to departure. Failure to obtain an approved ETIAS could result in entry refusal from the Schengen member country or legal consequences should travelers intend to travel in Europe without an ETIAS.

Read about the type of information that must be completed when filling out an ETIAS application form and how ETIAS checks application information and completes security checks.

ETIAS Application Form Information

Applicants are expected to completed essential information such as personal details, passport details, and travel details. The application form will also consist of health and security questions.

ETIAS Security Check

Applying for an ETIAS with an ETIAS application form will be simple. The application form can be completed and submitted online. The applicant’s email will be used as the primary contact for the application and all updates, notifications and the ETIAS approval itself will be sent to the applicant at the email address that they provide in the application form.

All data will be cross-checked and applications will be run through specialized security checks using security databases such as SIS, EUROPOL DATA, Interpol and VIS. Application screening processes are subject to the ETIAS screening rules and system. All applications will be passed through the ETIAS screening system.

This new ETIAS travel authorization system has been created in order to strengthen EU security and improve internal security. ETIAS is expected to contribute to general security and a more efficient management of migration and border security.

As of 2022, it will be compulsory to apply for an ETIAS in the case of traveling to a Schengen member country in Europe. Those who fail to apply for an ETIAS prior to departure could face serious legal consequences and are likely to be denied entry to the respective Schengen member country. The ETIAS travel authorization will not be used solely for tourism purposes, as those traveling for business purposes will also be expected to have an approved ETIAS travel authorization.